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  • Hello WordPress-ers! I am trying to follow this so I can run multiple domains with one WordPress install.

    But, I am kind of confused with the directions. I have WordPress multisite installed and I am stuck trying to add websites in the “Domain Mapping” section.

    I use 1and1 for hosting and the domains I will be using are all hosted in the same plan. What am I suppose to do? If I enter the “server IP address” wouldn’t it be the same one already set for the current domain since their on the same server?

    Can anyone with 1and1 walk me through the process of changing the domain’s DNS to the new one and add the domain? I would love to do this with my websites as well as my clients. It would make it so much easier. Thanks!

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  • Did you read this part:

    It’s linked in the article and may help.

    (I believe if you put in the IP, it’s fine. That is, it’s okay to have the same IP for multiple domains. I know I do right now without the plugin, so logically it’s fine WITH the plugin.)

    Are you using 1and1? I think all the domains have the same IP address.

    Nope, but I know that IP doesn’t ‘equal’ your domain 🙂 You can use one IP for hundreds of domains.

    That’s where I am confused. What do I put for the CNAME or whatever it’s called. I thought I had to put the IP address. If all the IP address are the same then why would I put that? Thank you!!

    You can read up on what CNAME is here:

    Put in the server’s IP. This is mostly because sometimes you have multiple IPs, and you need to account for them. You should be fine with the same IP for them all. Just go try it.

    No, I know what a CNAME is. All the domains I register have the same IP address. The main domain I am going to use has the same IP address as some of the “subsites”.

    You understand that you’re just pointing the new domain to the subsite, right?

    The ‘main’ domain is going to be the site on which you installed WordPress (

    You make subsite named domain2 and point to basically.

    Just put it in the IP. It’s okay that it’s the same.

    Yes I understand that I am pointing it, but they already have the same IP address now (before I direct it there). So if I redirect the CNAME now, wouldn’t it do nothing? I am sorry about the confusion. Thank ou very much for your help!

    Its either or.

    EITHER put in the IP OR put in the CNAME.

    And yes, in your case, they amount to the same thing, so just use the IP and see what happens.

    Thanks for the support. I ended up contacting Otto. He told me to have the client domain feed from the same files as the main domain.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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