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    I’m using this plugin on a multisite installation and then I use the Gravity Form shortcode in the pop-up builder it’s pulling the form with that ID from the first site and not the current site I’m on.

    If it was pulling the correct form, it would be pulling the Spanish form (also used in the footer).

    Is there anyway to fix this?

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello @shedonist:

    Although I’m unable to see your Conditions using our plugin’s built-in ‘debug’ tools, I suspect that your popup is not adequately targeted to appear only on the Spanish-language landing page of your site. In other words, the conditions for the English-language popup are too broadly set, so the popup appears on both the English AND Spanish-language sides of the site.

    You need to target the condition that activates the popup either by selecting the page title or post_ID for the Spanish-language front page of your site. That will narrow which page the popup is activated and displays on.

    You also need to edit the name of the cookie linked to the popup. Right now, the trigger is linked to ‘Add New’. It should be linked to the ID of the cookie; ‘pum-4548’.

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    OK, I fixed the “Add New” cookies to both use the proper cookie name (English is pum-4570, Spanish is pum-4548) so they match the pop-up Close or GF Success cookie.

    What I have set up is 2 sites (not just 2 pages) – 1 site for English language, 1 for Spanish. I am not trying to target for a single page or post, but for the entire site (English or Spanish). To this end, they both have a separate pop-up defined in their own admin areas (since they are different sites, but part of a single multisite installation).

    It’s not the English site pop-up showing on the Spanish site. I know this because if you look at the logo image on the Spanish pop-up, it has the Spanish subtext in green which says “Te Acera a Casa” whereas the English site pop-up has a different logo image whose green text says “Close to home!”

    If it would help, I could send you some credentials offline (through Slack perhaps) to investigate the issue. I really appreciate any help you can lend.

    Hello @shedonist:

    As you wrote earlier, the English-language GravityForm is rendering in the Spanish-language popup. Are you using the English Language GF shortcode (id=”gform_2″) in the Spanish-language popup (ID: popmake-4547)? I’m seeing the English-language GF shortcode used in both the English and Spanish-language popups.

    On inspection of the content in the Spanish-language popup (ID: popmake-4547), it appears to me that your content is still in English. Do you intend to change the content over to Spanish?

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    The shortcode for the English and Spanish forms is exactly the same because they are both form ID 2 (but on different sites). The Gravity Forms shortcode does not have a parameter for site ID that I know if since with Multisite each set of forms is in it’s own set of tables. Certainly when I use the Gravity Forms shortcode in other places it works fine (such as the footer) even though it’s the same code. Is it possible that your plugin is somehow defaulting to a different site or something? It’s very odd behavior definitely. I’m guessing from your response that you haven’t seen this before. Maybe I should set up a new multisite to test it?

    And yes, no one has translated the pop-up yet which is why the Spanish pop-up is still in English.

    Hello Amanda,

    I don’t receive many support requests for Popup Maker usage on multisite installs. I’m also not as knowledgeable as the plugin developer about MS and how form plugins work in that environment.

    Please submit a brief support request at regarding this ticket. It’s easier that way for me to pull in the plugin developer.

    All you need to do it write. ‘Requesting assistance with’.

    I can then forward it to him for followup.

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    Thank you so much. I just submitted a Support Request as you described.

    Thread Starter Amanda Giles


    OK, I think this turned out NOT to be an issue. Upon closer look the Spanish form was all English except the title which was not being displayed. I did some testing and confirmed that the correct form was showing – and this was entirely user error (i.e. me!).

    Thank you so much @yogaman5020 and also Robert from Po-up Maker.

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