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  • I discovered quite by accident that wpdbspringclean does not work correctly on multi-site installations, and now I have a demolished database. Unfortunately, my automated backup was not activated and so I am unable to restore the database to the form it was in before this plugin literally gutted my site of around 15 or so sub-sites.

    I can accept that I should have taken extra measures in advance to ensure the database was backed up, however I also fault the documentation for this plugin for failing to mention incompatibility with multi-site configurations. I had previously had excellent success from this plugin on a single site and so I felt confident based on experience that it wouldn’t be a problem.

    Please update the documentation to make strong warning against use of this plugin on multisite installations, because it tends to destroy all of the subsites and leaves the main site in a nearly unrecoverable condition.

    As it is, I’m now going to have to rebuild my site from scratch.

    Now, as I say, I don’t fault anyone but myself for not performing a backup prior to using a plugin that I had seen work without issue in the past… I had what I believed was good reason for not wasting time on that, and it turned out I was wrong. But to help others avoid this, it would be prudent to update the documentation to mention this.

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  • Do you have any input on what aspects are causing this distruction?
    after the search I am noticing it gives tables with the sites id, so I figured this is where this search functionality can be avoided by only selectively deleting the results not associated with multisite tables?

    I really like the idea of this plugin, I wish if the author can give more insight on this, if it can be multisite compatible it would be excellent.

    I believe you’re correct.

    Had I actually believed what I had seen on face value, I would not have purged the tables it listed. For some reason… I didn’t believe it though… chalk it up to insomnia.

    Anyway, in the time since I posted that 2 weeks ago I have rebuilt my site, at least for the most part. All things considered, I decided to choke back the ambitions of the site I rebuilt so that it would be less prone to further failures because I really need that site to be functional for my users that tend to use the portal site as a way to reach their email.

    I’ve just about gotten off of the idea of using multisite though because it’s somewhat unpredictable when it comes to porting in add-ons from single instance sites. At the same time, I’ve got tons of experience with Apache setup as a vhost server, and it really takes no more processing power to run 2 sites with 2 separate (smaller) databases than it does to run 1 large site with a huge database. At the same time, I have hosting servers at 3 separate geographical locations, so this problem couldn’t have shown up at a more opportune moment. I’ll still likely use wpdbspringclean on my single instance sites, and I’ll keep an eye out for new developments that may fix the issues with running it multisite. But, until the multisite issues are fixed, or an alternative comes along, I’m stuck with either very carefully using wpdbspringclean or else performing cleanup manually, which I really hate to do… it’s never good to do a raw SQLDB edit if it can be avoided, but I have yet to find a way to make MySQL perform auto-vacuum like PostgreSQL does (which I work with professionally).

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