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  1. Piotr
    Posted 2 years ago #


    It's been a few months, so I hope no one remembers my silly questions. ;)

    This time I have a question that many have asked before and heard "you can't do that", but after hours of searching I think I've found a solution for a similar case.

    So... How can I map domains in a MU subdirectory install that isn't in root? I've found that it can be done on a subdomain install, here:
    Is it possible to do something similar with a subdirectory install? I also get the message "
    Warning! This plugin will only work if WordPress is installed in the root directory of your webserver. It is currently installed in ’/wpcodebase/’. ".

    The reason I'm not using WordPress MU in root is simple - I have a lot of stuff there, most importantly a separate forum (which is also causing me problems with my domains - I'll explain in a minute). It would be a real mess if i would have to install WordPress in root. Is there an alternative?

    What I need to achieve isn't very complicated. Here's how my sites look now:

    myhost.com/wp/ - my main WordPress site.
    myhost.com/wp/site1/ - this should be site1.com
    myhost.com/wp/site2/ - and site2.com
    myhost.com/forum/ - and this is my forum. I want it to be seen as site1.com/forum/

    I asked my host. I was told to use addon domains and do redirects - so I did. As I expected, it works, but the URLs are changed (from site1.com to myhost.com/wp/site1/ etc.) - that's not what I need. And even if I find a way to use the Domain Mapping plugin, it won't help me with my forum URL.

    After some searching I think I could do rewrites, but I never used mod_rewrite before and I'm not even sure if this is possible (and how) in WordPress MU.

    What is the best solution here?

  2. Well... You CAN do it manually.


    In theory that would take care of it.

  3. Piotr
    Posted 2 years ago #

    It can't be that easy. ;) Does it require subdomain install or would you try it on subdirectories? How should I set the path of a site? Now it's '/wp/site1/', so it should be... No, I'm lost.

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