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    Hello everyone,
    My question is regarding directories, themes and plugins, their placment and hierarchy.

    For example, if I create network, with two sites. And I enable, 1 theme and 1 plugin for both of them. Then I want to change this theme style or maybe even code in it, does it change for both of them or only for one?

    To be more concerete, When I enable my theme for another site, does it copy this theme for him, in his own direcotry or it uses theme directory form main, my network directory?

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  • all sites use the same theme files. you can not code in the themes for individual sub-sites but you can add a plugin like Custom CSS which will allow each sub-site to add their own styling. out of the box without this plugin, some themes allow for some modifications for individual sub-sites like header or background.

    thank you for your fast answer.

    then I’m gonna make a catalgoue with themes, and for every site (client)
    I’m gonna load individual theme.

    like if i have theme “twelvesmthng” to show potencial user, and then copy/rename it “clientname” and edit individually.

    Is there in this priciple any problem I could run in ?


    you can modify and rename any theme as you wish. the theme can only be installed once by the network super-admin. from there you can go to a sub-site dashboard, still logged in as network super-admin, and activate a theme individually for the sub-site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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