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    I’m currently developing a multisite (using subdomains) for a client, and the files are on my hosting account. So the addresses right now are something like (for the main site) and then and for the subdomain sites within the network.

    I have access to the hosting location where the new multisite will live. The client has a site currently posted at, though, so their tech person purchased for us to use during development, pointing it to the client’s hosting location (and then when we go live they’ll just point the actual domain there instead).

    So my question(s): How do I work with this? I can set up the multisite network on, but what’s the procedure I should follow when we’re ready to go live, since there will be instances of throughout the site.

    Do I just pretend I’m moving the site, and follow the second paragraph in these instructions (as if I were changing domains), but just skip the part where I move the files?

    (And if so, is the part after the third paragraph (“Also manually review all the wp_x_options tables and look for ‘three fields and edit as needed:”) for me, too, or is that just for when you’re moving from one folder to another?)

    Thank you so much for any advice/guidance on this.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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