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  • Hello All,

    I’d like to see if it is possible to create a plugin that will allow for setting a Default Role for users that Register on a WP Multisite subsite.

    The following plugin, Multisite User Management, comes close but does not allow setting a Default Role ONLY for the subsite that a user is registering on.

    Here is the result that I want to achieve.

    In a WP Multisite (and BuddyPress Multisite) installation a user registers on subsite “subsite-a”. The user receives a Default Role and shows up in wpadmin/users on the subsite with the assigned Role.

    Multisite User Management then sets any other roles for other sites as necessary, such as the Primary site.

    Why do I need this functionality?

    In a WP multisite installation there is no security between sites. Registrations on any site have Network Subscriber (hidden) access to all subsites.

    In order to establish security I use Incsub’s Mulitsite Privacy. However this requires manually adding users to each site so that they get a Role.

    Thus with Default Roles assigned during registration each site can be secured with no manual intervention.

    Looking forward to the discussion about how this can best be accomplished.

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  • I am also very interested in this for the same reasons and thinking about creating a plugin to add this functionality. I’m kind of surprised one doesn’t exist already, but I’ve yet to find one. Would you be able to assist with this at all? (even if you could just help test it)

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