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    Good day,

    I wonder if someone could help.

    I have set up my multisite network and anticipate we will be using around 5 mapped domains / sites within it.

    I wish to use the same theme throughout but add child themes for each so I can alter the look and feel of each site accordingly.

    The solution in my head is to install master theme and network activate it, then copy my child theme and rename x5 folders: childtheme1, childtheme2, childtheme3, childtheme4, childtheme5.

    Upload and assign each one to suited domain/network site.

    Is this the correct way or am I way off the mark.

    Any contribution greatly received.


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  • OK, so the first thing I noticed was that as well as renaming child theme folder is that I needed to alter top section of style.css.

    Alter Theme Name to form Child Theme to Child Theme 1 Otherwise I would not know which one was which in the network. Will there be any adverse consequences to renaming them?

    Solved ‘With a little help from Andrea Rennick’ !

    Thanks Andrea 🙂

    All seems to be working well, and each site in the network is using its own child theme ‘named to suit’ ..

    Theme updates suddenly became less daunting 🙂

    Future proofing FTW

    Would you mind sharing how you were able to accomplish this? I’ve been Googling w/no end in site. I’m trying to accomplish the same scenario you laid out in your OP:

    I have set up my multisite network for 5 sub-directory-sites (I have a unique domain name registered for each site, but I’ll worry about figuring out how to map a domain name to each site, later).

    I wish to use the same theme throughout the 5 individual sites, but be able to alter the look and feel of each site separately. There’ll be very few, if any, global code edits.

    Hi latinoleader,

    The solution is relatively straight forward.

    The domain mapping plugin you require is: WordPress MU Domain Mapping by Ron Rennick. A fantastic and easy to use plugin. If you need any help, Ron’s support is awesome too.

    You will need to install the WordPress MU Domain Mapping from the Network Admin dashboard then network activate it so it can be accessed, configured and used by all sub-directory-sites individual dashboards.

    I uploaded the site main and child themes via the Network Admin Dashboard too. Use the Network enabled option with these too.

    In order that you may differentiate between them you will need to give each child its own unique name.

    I achieved this by renaming the child theme folders and the style css within each child. For me it was the first line – Theme Name: Site 1 etc.

    Then it really is just a case that you go to each sub sites dashboard and activate the theme/child you want to use.

    Hope this makes some sense and you get your head round it with relative ease.

    I found I was over analysing how it would all work to be honest. The multi-site idea felt a little daunting but once you get your head into it and start working with it, it really is a breeze.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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