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  • Hi,

    Love this plugin, has saved me sooo many times.
    I am now using it on multisite but I have an questions about cdn images in the subdomains:

    – I have enabled CDN (using cloudfront/origin pull) in my network settings so WP super cache.
    – I have added the following include directories: wp-content, wp-includes, files
    – On the main site my uploaded images and theme files are being served through the CDN.
    – On the subsites only the theme files are being served through the CDN.

    My question is if this is just a limitation of the plugin, or should these subdomain images be served from the CDN.

    Many thanks,


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  • I’m seeing the same thing on my multi-site network: main site works as expected; subdirectory site (I have only one set up so far) only uses the CDN for the theme files.

    Is this something I have configured incorrectly?

    my offsite address is for the subdirectory site

    Nevermind. Mine is working. I had forgotten to add files to the list of directories; after adding that, I cleared/deleted the cache and now it works.

    Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but @nicollb, can you explain what you mean by “add files to the list of directories”? I’m having this problem now and an explanation of this solution would certainly help me!


    Laurenng: It took a minute to figure out what I meant, but I think I can explain:

    Under the CDN tab (WP-Supercache settings) there is a place to put the Include Directories: I had forgotten to add “files” to the list of included directories.

    My setting now reads: wp-content,wp-includes,files

    When you have a multisite set up, at least on mine, the url (path) for things like images, etc, is not …/wp-content/… , it is sitename/files/…


    if this were the top-level is would read: (that image doesn’t exist at this level on my network.)

    Thanks for the reply @nicollb! That helped me out a bit!

    I’m using a sub-directories install, so my set up needed wp-content/uploads/sites/* to be in the list of included directories.

    It correctly has my CDN pull all my in-post images, but not the featured images nor any image I’ve added into the sidebar. Looks like I must have another problem I’m dealing with – but I appreciate your help in this one!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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