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  1. MarcusLjung
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am new to WordPress, lets start with that.
    I want to build a blog portal in WordPress Multisite but I can´t get it working for the users to change theme and configure the theme they are currently using. I have tried with child theme but I haven´t get it good. The user must be able to change themes between the ones that are network activated and be able to configure the theme via css or front-end plugin.
    What I have understand is that child theme is a must for the user to configure a theme and not changing it for other users using the same theme. I have tried Child Theme Configurator but then the users can change each others child themes.

    How do I get this right? Please help a man in need.

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  2. Per-site admins CANNOT and should not be editing the theme files.

    Use a plugin like Jetpack's CSS editor to let them edit their CSS in an isolated, and safe, way.

    That way everyone uses the same PARENT theme and edit's CSS per site :)

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