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[Resolved] Multisite/Network behavior suggestion

  • Hello Svetoslav,
    and thank you for your excellent work.

    As far as multisite goes. I believe the plugin works fine as you earlier replied here.

    Still. I fail to see the point of it. I mean why let admins on a multisite know of something they are NOT allowed to do anyway. It is like allowing a subscriber’s menu to show:

    Posts–> In order to create a post in a WordPress environment you must be at least a contributor
    Appearance–> In order to change theme in a WordPress environment you must be an Admin
    Plugins–> In order to… and so on….

    I believe that using the manage_network_themes capability for Super Admins -when on a multisite- you should ONLY show the plugin’s functionality on the Network Administration area.
    I didn’t go through your code, but it seems like you already use that filter to ONLY show the redirect from the Toolbar, to the Network Administration Area.
    Worst case scenario? Probably…. also show the corresponding menus to ONLY Super Admins (as a reminder) under any site’s Appearance Menu.

    Just a thought. 🙂
    Thanks again for your work !!!

    PS: I think you should definitely omit it under the active theme’s details.


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  • PS: I think you should definitely omit it under the active theme’s details.

    We just noticed that we can also find it under Tools and Settings. When we add Appearance, Active theme’s details and the Toolbar, it totals to five different places all together. I think this is too much. We see Orbisius everywhere!!! 🙁

    As mentioned above, having it ONLY under Appearance (on a Single Site) and ONLY under Themes on the Network Admin Area (on Multisites) should be sufficient.

    Plugin Author Orbisius



    Thanks for the feedback Marikamitsos.

    Yes, Orbisius is everywhere 🙂

    The reasoning for having the menu under tools is backward compatibility. People are creatures of habit and we thought that since it was the initial position of the plugin we keep it there, but I see your point.

    Will remove it but if if anybody complains I will redirect them to you 😉

    I am sure you’ll come up with at least 2-3 more ideas so please do find time to go through the code.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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