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  • +1 for the ability to select multiple WPMS sites for bulk resize! A global resize may get a bit resource intensive on a community like ours with 1300+ blogs, but the ability to bulk resize images on multiple sites at once would be great!

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    Plugin Contributor Jason


    I like that idea. It would be a bit of work to implement. Since it’s generally a one-time operation, I actually suggest just using the command line rather than adding in the feature to Imsanity, something like this:

    Hopefully not insulting anybody’s intelligence, but in case you didn’t already know, WordPress multisite works by prefixing the table names with the site ID (which is an internal field) like so:


    WordPress uses a trick – based on the hostname it sets the SITE ID that you are browsing and automagically bakes that ID into all the queries. It’s pretty simple and effective, but the negative is that it make it somewhat tricky to execute “cross-site” queries without disobeying the official WordPress way of querying the database. Also when you are logged in as the Network Admin – WordPress has some baggage as if you were logged into a specific site (whatever your “master” site is set to, often SITE ID of 1). Imsanity looks at the wp_posts table for image info so it would need to do cross-site queries to make this work.

    Anyway probably more info than necessary. I would happily accept any code contributions that do this!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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