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  • Is there any way to automatically setup Disqus for new sites created on a multisite WordPress installation? I tried doing some Google searches but all I found were discussions from 3-4 years ago. Has anything changed?

    Would there be anyway to add a hook into the new site activation that automatically registers that site with the main Disqus account for the network? Or something else… basically anything that means network users can register and create a site and automatically have Disqus enabled?

    Thank you so much for any help!

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  • Thinking about it some more and it seems the problem would be with the part where Disqus hosts comments remotely. Accessing them for approval/moderating requires a user account with Disqus… So even if I managed to set up one default Disqus installation/account to be used across all the member sites, it would mean either providing all site admin users with the ability to edit comments on ALL the network sites, even those that aren’t theirs, or not allowing anyone to moderate their own comments… I think?

    So I guess it becomes a question of whether a WordPress user registration can be rigged to also create a Disqus registration without that user having to explicitly go to the Disqus site? Otherwise I guess it’s pretty useless as a “default” for multisite. 🙁

    Disqus is not ready for multisite imo.

    You either use a single account for the whole network and disqus threat it like 1 site.

    Or use a different account for each site of the network.

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