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  1. asystentka
    Posted 4 years ago #


    I installed wp multisite on mypage.com (with subdomains sub1.mypage.com, sub2.mypage.com etc) with no problem at all on Strato Server using Plesk panel.

    I had also other software installed under that domain (like shop.mypage.com) and some static pages. Now my all "real" subdomains (including shop.mypage.com) redirect to mypage.com

    I need wp multisite only for 3 or 4 sites and I don't want my other software to redirect to mypage.com. I've searched for a solution but couldn't find any yet.

    I have access to Plesk panel and I can put anything I want in the file /srv/www/vhosts/mydomain.com/conf/vhost.conf

    The wildcard was already put there and I read that other records should be before the line but I should not change httpd.include because Plesk automatically updates the file so it's too risky.

    What should I put to vhost.conf before the line "ServerAlias *.mydomain.com" so that the shop.mydomain.com could work and not redirect to mypage.com?

    Any help is appreciated!!

  2. asystentka
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello Andrea,

    thank you for your response and link. I've read this article before and I've managed to make my webmail work. I have no idea though how to make my other subdomains outside of wordpress work. :-/ I've not tried "the official Plesk way" because there's a remark that it doesn't work for WordPress. So, is it possible at all? Am I missing something?

  3. Yes, it is possible.

    you need to change the order in which the wildcard subdomains are listed compared to the other subdomains.

    and also there was one version of plesk where this was completely buggy...

  4. asystentka
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Andrea. So I created one subdomain named, let's say "shop.mydomain.com" and I don't wan't it to be redirected to wordpress site ("mydomain.com"). Plesk saved all the stuff concerning the subdomain in /srv/www/vhosts/mydomain.com/conf/httpd.include embraced by <VirtualHost> (ServerName, ServerAdmin, DocumentRoot etc.)

    Additionaly I created vhost.conf where I put the line "ServerAlias *.mydomain.com". I also added the appropriate DNS record in my Plesk Panel.

    And now the question is: should I put all the subdomain related lines in the vhost.conf file above the "ServerAlias *.mydomain.com" line? I tried many configurations but without success.

    I'm using the 9.3.0 of Plesk Panel and I see it is possible to upgrade it to 10.1.1. Hmm.. maybe it's a good idea :)

  5. Yes, and verify that with your webhost.

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