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  • Getting ready to install WP for multiple blogs in subdirectories on my site.

    I already have a non-blog site in my root directory. Can I install WP in, say, /blogs and have my various blogs as /blogs/blog1, /blogs/blog2, etc?

    If anyone’s doing this under nginx any tips for the config?

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  • Sure, just install WP in the folder /blogs.

    Bear in mind, if you do this, the main site will have the post URLs of

    Just to clarify since I started off generic:

    the main blog will end up with the post URL: or do you mean[the main blog name]/2011/01/postname

    the 2nd example I can live with…

    No no, the MAIN blog 🙂

    The main blog is blog1, but it’s the default installation of WP.

    So if you install WordPress in, then the main site is and the subsites are and so on.

    But the main blog, in order to not cause wacky errors with the subsites, puts a ‘blog’ slug before all your posts (not pages, just posts).

    Main site:
    Main site page:
    Main site post

    Sub Site:
    Sub site page:
    Sub site post

    So I guess one way around that is to create a pagename that just lists the other blogs like a network directory and never make any posts in the main blog:

    Main site page: <- only page in main blog.

    Yeah, that’s usually what people do.

    Or you can make a static front page so lists all your blogs. may help

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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