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Multisite and non-root install

  • Getting ready to install WP for multiple blogs in subdirectories on my site.

    I already have a non-blog site in my root directory. Can I install WP in, say, /blogs and have my various blogs as /blogs/blog1, /blogs/blog2, etc?

    If anyone’s doing this under nginx any tips for the config?

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  • Sure, just install WP in the folder /blogs.

    Bear in mind, if you do this, the main site will have the post URLs of domain.com/blogs/blog/2011/01/postname

    Just to clarify since I started off generic:

    the main blog will end up with the post URL:

    domain.com/blogs/blog/2011/01/postname or do you mean

    domain.com/blogs/[the main blog name]/2011/01/postname

    the 2nd example I can live with…

    No no, the MAIN blog 🙂

    The main blog is blog1, but it’s the default installation of WP.

    So if you install WordPress in domain.com/blogs/, then the main site is domain.com/blogs/ and the subsites are domain.com/blogs/site2 and so on.

    But the main blog, in order to not cause wacky errors with the subsites, puts a ‘blog’ slug before all your posts (not pages, just posts).

    Main site: domain.com/blogs
    Main site page: domain.com/blogs/pagename
    Main site post domain.com/blogs/blog/%permalink%

    Sub Site: domain.com/blogs/sitename
    Sub site page: domain.com/blogs/sitename/page
    Sub site post domain.com/blogs/sitename/%permalink%

    So I guess one way around that is to create a pagename that just lists the other blogs like a network directory and never make any posts in the main blog:

    Main site page: domain.com/blogs/our-blog-network <- only page in main blog.

    Yeah, that’s usually what people do.

    Or you can make a static front page so domain.com/blogs/ lists all your blogs.

    http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/multi-site-site-list-shortcode/ may help

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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