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    I installed a multisite WP with 3 cloned themes.

    Actually, all of them are in English.

    What should I do to customize date/time format (name of months, by eg.)?

    I heard something about MO files but not sure if there a possibility to install them a part…

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  • Make a languages folder in your wp-content folder and upload the MO files. Though I’m not sure that changes themes as well as the backend (I thought it only did backend, but I only use English).

    at backend (I believe is about admin panel interface) I like English too. But I want that dates for not-logged users be displayed in the current site language.

    Now, I added a “languages” folder, uploaded two “ro”, “ru” MOs…

    Now, I need link in a way that files to each site…

    If your theme is built for multiple languages, then I THINK, I can pull in whatever you pick on the backend of the site….

    Are you wanting to support multiple languages for each site, or just one per site? Like one Russian site, one French, and one English?

    I did the folowing: installed WordPress 3.0.1, activated multisite option with 3 subdirs(/xx, /xx, /xx), added 3 times mytheme_xx, uploaded in contents/languages 2 files (for English I didn’t… don’t know…)

    Now I think I will use that 3 sites “independently”.

    But, surely, I need to link all them in one multilingual site. The visitor should not feel the “multisite” background.

    I (me) am superadmin, but created 3 admins “me_en”, “me_ru” and “me_ro”.

    thanks for your help ipstenu

    Did you try this plugin:

    Allows you:

    • Use different .po files : not all themes relies titles and messages on .po files
      1. Search .po files within the theme:
        – At theme root folder: <WP home>/wp-contents/themes/<your theme>
        – At theme locale folder: <WP home>/wp-contents/themes/<your theme>/locale
      2. Create as many .mo replicas as languages : es-ES.po, en-US.po, etc.
      3. Translate messages of each .po file:
      4. Copy all .po files to <WP home>/wp-contents/themes/<your theme>: I am not sure if this step is required,may be the plugin only find those files here.
      5. Associate each .po to each language:
        – WP Dashboard -> WMPL -> Languages -> Add/Edit : I don’t have further details, but you can easily associate .po files here.
    • Have multilanguage pages: by having one page per language for each original one.
    • Have multilanguage posts: the WP online editor has new tabs fo each post, one per language. Main problem is that blogging clients, such as Windows Live Writer, do not allow multilanguage posting. In other words, you are tied to WordPress online post editor, which is not as rich and easy to use as a client.
    • Integrate into automatic site translation services: within 3-4 hours some human professional interpreters will translate your posts.

    Alternative Plugins:

    I think WPML is the most powerful one. You can use it at all your sites, that could be a solution if not blogging client is going to be used. If this is a restriction, I guess one site per language could shortcut the problem (not sure if solve it).

    Sorry for not having the exact procedure, I didn’t write it down. But with some play around I think one can manage to follow.

    Hope this help.

    Microsoft Live Writer 2011 has multilanguage capabilities.

    cesar130177 does not allow to translate pictures. I have localized pictures.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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