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    Hey everyone,

    Does anyone know if WordPress multisite works with Automattic’s WordPress iPhone/iPad app?

    It would be super helpful for our users if they could access their blogs on the go and make posts. I have tried to access our main site with it, as well as the new sites, and it does not seem to work. We have XML-RPC enabled on all blogs.

    When I try to log in to the main site or any of the sub-sites, I get this error:

    “Communication Error. Parse Error. Please check input values.”

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  • It doesn’t work right now.

    There are tickets in, and I think they know what’s borking it, but no fix as of yet :/

    Annoys me too.

    Thanks for the response.

    It’s a little disappointing. Not the end of the world though. My users can currently use Quickpress in BuddyPress to post to their blogs from the Front end, and I’m building a custom iPhone app around it, so that’ll work fine for now.

    It would be very logic (and helpful) if this would work.

    Anybody have any more info about an upcoming fix? I can;t find the ticket.

    Actually … yes.

    I’m in the beta test pilot group for the new version, and a patched, DOES WORK with MultiSite version is coming. As soon as Apple approves things. Hopefully it’ll be by the end of the month, but please don’t take that as a sure thing. Apple’s approval process is weird.

    Does anyone know if this is available yet?

    Yes, and it works!

    Why I used it this morning 🙂

    Oh awesome, thanks! Do you have any idea if it works w/ multisite that is using LDAP for authentication? I’ve done some testing w/ our setup here and no matter what it comes bad w/ invalid username or password error.

    That I don’t know. Do you have XML posting turned on?

    Ooh, thanks for the suggestion! I didn’t realize that the option was not enabled on my multisite install. I enabled it and it’s working now.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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