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  1. welshhuw
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I am trying out the multisite feature of WordPress but I cannot seem to find information regarding gaining access to the Widgets and Custom Menu's sections whilst having 'editor' role access to the websites.

    Can anyone clear up what role I may need to access these? I don't want to give out admin/super admin roles to a client once the site goes live.


  2. Super Admins have Super Powers. They control the entire network.

    Admins only have power on sites on which they are admins.

    Editors ditto.

    So ... if you want to make sites where your 'admins' are only 'editors' with extra skills, you're in for a long haul. I talk about it in detail in my ebook - http://halfelf.org/ebooks/wordpress-multisite-110/ - on page 70 about the various ways you can do this.

  3. Michael Mann
    Posted 2 years ago #

    You can do this by using a plugin (I use User Role Editor). Select the role of editor and give them the ability to "Edit theme options" and click Update. Now editors will see the theme menu add be able to edit all options there.

    Custom menus (at least those created by custom post types) should also be visible for those with the role of editor.

  4. Be careful with Role Editor plugins. Make GOOD BACKUPS every single day, because if you screw up your user roles, DB editing is pretty much the only way to get back in.

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