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  1. Nwardezir
    Posted 5 years ago #


    I'm currently running a PoC on WordPress as tool to build a Blog Farm for every company employees'blog.

    We've set a WP (freshly updated to 3.0.1), and turned the multisite on.
    The database is clustered, it's totally hidden and we have no issues with that.

    BUT ... we have two Apache servers (for loadbalancing) and we're currently experiencing some issues when submitting a file, for instance, a picture because each cluster has his own filesystem.

    What's supposed to be done to get WP(MU enabled) to work with server clustering ?

    We gonna also need some simple way to submit Themes and Plugins, and be able to make easy version upgrades.

    What is recommended ?
    NFS ? and if yes, what do you recommend to use as root ? (wp root directory, wp-content ?)

    Thanks for further wise answers :)

  2. Nwardezir
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Mh, I already checked this link before making my post. I wanted some input with WP 3.0 ... this page is interesting but 1 year and a half old :(

  3. Some things don't change much. Same code (basically), same techniques.

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