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    Hi, firstly I hope that I am adding this to the right forum. I am currently trying to find out whether or not it would be possible to to have a large number of wordpress installs on one server so that each site is standalone and separate from all others, but then have a parent theme in the top level directory of the shared server, with child themes in each of the installs with css + plugin modifications and the theme path leading outside of their domain back to the top level directory.

    The reason for this question is because I am looking for a solution to be able to safely distribute updates (both theme and wordpress) without running the risk of manually having to go back and fix any broken themes across a large number of sites on the same server.

    Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, and apologies if the question is unlcear!

    Thank you

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    Do the sites have to be stand alone? I mean, if you don’t mind sharing a database, and technically a user base, you could do that with MultiSite.



    It would be better if the users were separate, as all of the sites will be owned by different individuals/businesses, and there will also be a number of parent themes to choose from so not all of the sites will share the exact same theme. Any idea on an approach to take?

    Thanks you

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    Not really, even all the plugins like WP Hive share a user base. The rest of that is all what MultiSite is great at, and even the users don’t have any access to other sites (and you can restrict themes per site), so your data’s secure and segregated.



    I am a wannabe site developer but not a programmer… I just happened to see this while doing due diligence before asking a question myself… so this is above my head and I do not fully understand… but my 3 cents…

    1. Keep life simple. If YOU can’t easily fill all client needs with one parent theme, THEN spend a week surfing Commercially Supported GPL Themes. Numerous reliable theme companies such as WooThemes supply numerous magazine/business/ecommerce child themes from one parent framework, only one license required per child theme for unlimited client usage, if you supply client support. (Or if you have high-savvy clients, you can sell the license to them, maker gives direct client support for themes, you get commissions.)

    2. Also train someone (local you can trust and watch) to do your legwork on a modest hourly or per-job fee.

    3. Or like The Beatles and the Three Musketeers, team up with at least two other programmers or webdesigners. Many hugely successful internet companies such as Automattic and Woothemes started as such a teamup. Also, savvy clients like myself may avoid paying for anything that depends on a lone wolf for long term support. My little opinion, wannabe designers and programmers should never go it alone.

    4. Or if like me you have very limited expertise, contacts or money, then do as I do not as I say, get Workspace Macro Pro.

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