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    I’m wondering if anyone has any feedback about using both the network feature AND Buddypress to build a community.

    I’m building a network of authors that each have their own blog to write about whatever they please. I’m also using Sitewide Tags and other plugins to display latest posts from each of the blogs and thumbnail images.

    Do you guys see Buddypress as a feature that can add to the community or are there too many overlapping features? Would be a nice way to enable discussions between authors and enable the creation of groups around genres or classic books or whatever.

    It’s not a direct technical question, I’m just wondering about any experience you may have.

    Or is this a question for the Buddypress forums?



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  • Partly it’s for the bp forums, but I gotta tell ya… BP was originally made just for use on multisite installs. Not single ones. 😉

    Primarily BP adds profile areas and groups. Do you *need* that for your site?


    Thanks for being generous and answering the question anyhow.

    Well, it seems like a natural to have a place for authors to express themselves on their blogs but also create groups and discuss and debate with other users.

    Initially I was thinking forum, but seems BuddyPress might be the better answer.

    Another question: is this forum basically a BuddyPress type of structure?


    No, this forum is bbpress.

    BuddyPress is not a forum. Buddypress is a social network. It has a forum structure within groups, which can be turned off.

    so you can use buddypress without having a forum in it. The sections in here are forum sections – not groups. runs buddypress. runs the latest buddypress so you can test it.


    Thanks very much 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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