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    Hi all.

    This description typifies the setup I am attempting to create.

    The main network is People come here to discuss their favorite fruits. this is a mutlisite network with several secondary sites in sub-directory format i.e., etc etc. The aim is for the super admin (NOT SITE USERS) to add new sites as they arise i.e.

    Users will register once and they will instantly have access to all sites in the network. they can interact with other users using buddypress regardless of what site their friend might be using. So if user1 logged into and user2 logged into, they can still send each other messages and interact.

    Now the tricky bit…
    I want to structure the network so that each site has its own groups, activity pages etc etc but still maintain the global friendship connections and user base. i.e. a user can create a group in the site called “apple pies” which will only be visible under and not or

    I believe nothing is impossible, especially when code is involved, but is this feasible?

    I’ve been investigating this for a couple of days and drawn a blank so far. Using the BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG tag in budypress would open all groups to all sites which is not what im after. I have also looked into using this plugin BP Multi Networks but I’m not sure if this would do it. Additionally, the plugin involves adding other dependent plugins namely WP Multi Network or Networks+ and these seem to be geared towards creating multiple networks whereas I am only creating one network.

    Any help or suggestions you can provide will be most appreciated….. except banging my head repeatedly on my desk. i tried that several times to no avail.

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  • BP Multi Network would be what you want. That lets you have a BuddyPress per site.

    That said. Do you REALLY need a full blown BuddyPress for that, or would per-site forums work?

    Use this other BP MultiNetwork plugin after adding define ( 'BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG', true ); in your bp-custom.php file.

    Thanks for the quick replies.

    @ipstenu, I need the Buddypress functionality across the network as well i.e: friend relationships, messaging, activity updates etc so forums alone would not suffice.

    @mercime, your google must be better than my Google, I never came across that plugin. I will definitely try it and let you know how I get on.

    Would that plugin still allow users from different networks to see each other and interact?

    Thanks again.

    @codemagnet no Google needed, I use some plugins developed at

    Would that plugin still allow users from different networks to see each other and interact

    BP MultiNetwork just like BuddyPress MultiNetwork have separate instances including userbase of BuddyPress per subsite. That’s the idea. However, you can install a join blog widget from BuddyDev so that logged in users can join other BP Networks in the installation.

    @mercime. Thank you. That plugin was exactly what i was after. I managed to install Buddypress on each sub-site as required and most importantly, i could see the Buddypress menu enabling me to set each site up as required. Furthermore, friends stay friends irregardless of what network they “belonged to”.

    The problem I’m having now is that I can’t seem to install the “site-wide forums” for each site using the Buddypress config menu. I tried manually installing and network activating bbpress and i can see the forum menus for each site. However, when I try visiting the forums page I get redirected to the home page for the site/sub-site. I tried creating a forum for one of the sites but when I try viewing that forum I get an error message saying “The forums component has not been set up yet.”

    Any suggestions on this would be most appreciated.

    P.S. Should I mark this as solved and create a new thread for this forum issue?

    P.S. Should I mark this as solved and create a new thread for this forum issue?

    Yes 😉 But that would really be something to ask on, since their experts live there.

    Will do. Thanks again Ipstenu

    I managed to resolve the issue with the forums so I thought I might as well post it up for future headscratchers.

    Well, I didnt solve the problem as such, I found a workaround. I disabled the Buddypress forum component and deleted the forums page for each of the sites involved. I then installed and ran bbpress independently from buddypress and used the shortcode to generate the forums page. This seemed to work ok.

    I should point out that this was sufficient as I needed to use site-wide forums. If you need group forums, you may have to dig deeper into the relations between the two plugins.


    @codemagnet you’re welcome. Glad you resolved the bbPress sitewide forums on your own and posting your solution here 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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