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  • Hey All,

    Looking to create a Multisite install for a nitch profession (example: welders), with social features on separate pages, using Buddypress.

    1. ability for each welding company to create it’s own website, using multisite.
    2. logged in users of all networked sites could connect to a social feed using Buddypress, where they create profiles, connect with others, join groups, etc.

    1. Is it possible for a user of a networked site to use the same login for the Buddypress areas of the site? The goal being that the networked sites are independent, but their user credentials could be used in Buddypress as well.


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  • You will need to put Buddypress on the main site, which is what I believe you plan to do.

    To ensure that all users have access to Buddypress on the main site, you need to make sure all newly registered users are joined to the main site, with a role that grants access to Buddypress. This would require writing a bit of code that utilizes the user_register action hook and add_user_to_blog function. I would recommend putting that code in a Must-Use plugin.

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