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  • Hello.
    I have installed multisite on GoDaddy hosted sites and they force you to use sub-directories which is fine.

    I bought a Bluehost account to set up a multisite and used the SimpleScripts wizard to install WP and set up the DB automatically.
    This script must include Jetpack by default I am guessing.

    So all is well until I insert the define multisite to “true” in the config.php file.
    When I refresh my site and go to the network set up, it tells me to turn off all the plugins first before proceeding. Jetpack is the only one activated (by default) so I do and return to the screen expecting to be asked for a choice between sub-domains and sub-directories.

    However it now tells me that because this is not a fresh install I must use sub-domains.

    OK what now makes this not a fresh install? I asked BlueHost this question and they have no idea what I am talking about.

    Can anyone tell me the procedure for getting a WP multisite installed in BlueHost and how to be able to choose sub-directories over sub-domains?

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  • So no one’s run across this? Interesting.
    I am asking this here because BlueHost’s tech support told me they do not support WordPress questions and suggested I try here.

    OK, well I have found the answer, so if anyone else gets stuck on this, here is what you do:
    Do Not use BlueHosts WordPress Simple Scripts Install wizard!
    You must do a manual install of WordPress.
    Then you will be able to select subdirectories.
    it is their Jetpack default install that comes actives that screws everything up.

    I also use bluehsot host and multisite is working fine for me you can use WordPress MU and without creating sub directories.

    You can use sub-domains it’s true.
    I just wanted to use sub-directories and using their wizard you are not given that option.

    Yes that is true you can use sub-domains like and also you can make sub-directories like this in multisite I’d use multisite plugin that will have option to do that.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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