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    I have a multisite with only 6 sites and 5 users running on Shared Hosting (which I know isn’t ideal). It worked great for the last month, but now is taking a long time to load, like maybe 2-5 minutes. The admin pages, once logged in, work as fast as normal. It’s really weird.

    I have done a network deactivation of all the plugins, and also went to this site and deactivated the plugins and it is still crazy slow. The mainsite is, I also deactivated all of the plugins from one of the sites, The site had been working fine up until Friday, so I’m not really sure what is wrong, or what could be wrong with it.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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  • Check your server error logs. See if you’re getting a lot of script errors, as you may be running out of PHP memory.

    When this started, what was the last change you made?

    I checked my server error logs and they are all empty for the last four days.

    I hadn’t made any changes to the network admin side of the multisite in weeks. I wrote a post one the subsite listed above on Sunday, and then I didn’t check it until friday when I noticed the lag.

    Thank you for taking time to comment. I had not thought to check my error logs.

    If you have any other ideas of what is going or things I could check, that would be very appreciated.

    How’s memory consumption and CPU on the server? I’d sit on top for a while and see if anything jumped out. I had that happen with an unrelated process (darn you, clamAV)

    It looks like it was fixed, I put in a support ticket and Dreamhost restarted Apache, and I think that did it. Thanks for your help.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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