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  • Hi,

    great plugin and since you support WordPress (MU) Multisite it’s very close to my needs. Like many others i would love to give my subsite admins access to their style.css and only to “their” style.css.

    I handled to separate themes and styles for subsite through creating child themes for my subsites. I do this by hand during the subsite installation, which is fine for me.

    I could fiddle around with your code and make it work, but would like to have it in a standard update proof and well supported plugin like yours.

    Could yopu please think about it and give me an answer?


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  • Plugin Author Salvatore


    Multisite support is already present in latest release (see in changelog) 😉

    Thank’s for this quick response.

    Yes i know that you now support multisite, that’s why i ask. My question is, if you can make an admin option to change the stylsheet path from

    $css_url = plugin_dir_url(__FILE__)."my_style".$cssid.".css";


    $css_url = get_stylesheet_uri();

    Plugin Author Salvatore


    Sorry, but i can’t understood :/
    If i change:
    $css_url = plugin_dir_url(__FILE__)."my_style".$cssid.".css";
    $css_url = get_stylesheet_uri();
    i see in code this output:

    <!-- My Custom CSS Start -->
    <style type="text/css">
    /* Plugin Author: Salvatore Noschese */
    @import url('http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/themes/***/style.css?1364493052');
    /* Also known as: DarkWolf - */
    <!-- My Custom CSS End -->



    is already defined in source code… why i need to import again with my custom css? :/

    Hi DarkWolf,

    sorry my last post was a bit short. I will try again a bit more detailed:

    a) Within the actual scope of the plugin, a file my_style.<blogID>.css is created and edited.

    b) I woud like the plugin to edit the file style.css of the current theme stylesheet instead of editing my_style.<blodID>.css. No more no less.

    c) The URI of the file style.css of the current theme stylesheet can be retieved by the WordPress function get_stylesheet_uri().

    d) My question is, if you could add an admin preference which makes the plugin to switch from behaviour a) to b).

    Plugin Author Salvatore


    my_style.<blogID>.css is only for source code in page/template (like a cache from database)… but in admin panel “my custom css” (view and edit) work directly from database. Then, i can’t change with get_stylesheet_uri() :/
    Why don’t maintain a clean “original” theme stylesheet and use “my custom css” only for some customization?

    I’ve make “my custom css” for this… don’t touch theme and put custom code in plugin!

    Hi again,

    i will have a closer look into the source code of your plugin and will come back here with some ideas.

    As i already mentioned in my first post: a lot of WordPress Multisite admins would love to have such a solution.


    Plugin Author Salvatore


    Sorry winball… But i think this require a separate plugin (really, is a different structure and a different idea). No more complicated… I think i can make without problem.


    I found this post interesting.
    I have created a multisite “SV” and created other sites below :


    But the style.css is shared for all I guess as I cant modify and edit the positionating of the elements in the page because Im not abble to ediut the css files. Not even the php pages.

    When Im working with a specific design it is needed to move the elements of the design like icons, menu or photos. IF I dont have access tot he css files I can+t male a difference in the design of any of my personalized designs.
    DO you have an idea how could I get these changes doe? or is not possible under “multisites”

    Thank you so much for your support.

    Plugin Author Salvatore


    with my custom css you can see rule for all (sub)website… maybe you can fix in all website and put a comment to all admin to explain “don’t touch this line… (this fix template)”.

    my custom css is to put rule in css for single website… not in entire community blog (but any webmaster can change in his blog).

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