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  • I’m new to multisite. Spent the last two days reading on it, and I’ve set one up with two ‘children’ sites (using the sub-directory method).

    The model is a school (the parent site) and all the departments within the school having their own child sites that other departments can’t get into, that they can customize the look of, have their own unique plugins etc. We don’t need any kind of social networking (forum boards, groups, friends lists etc) for the users.

    We are looking for a global calendar however. Something each child-site can put their own events into, yet all show up on the parent site.

    I’ve dug around and installed “The Events Calendar” by Modern Tribe. I can see that site ‘A’ can give any other site permission to post on site ‘As’ calendar, but it isn’t ‘global’.

    Does anyone know off hand of a calendar that can do this… or point me in the direction of pulling in all the events of the child-site calendars into the parent calendar (ICS or RSS)?

    I’m not a programmer but have done my share of backwards engineering on WordPress things. My boss is a ColdFusion programmer so she has a good deal of experience, just not in PHP.

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