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    Is there a reason you can think of that this plugin wouldn’t work properly on a multisite installation? Any given gallery will show up properly on the user’s personal site, but when viewed from the main site (which shows posts from every user), it simply shows the magic code (<!–FBGallery 2508247720683110404 –><!–/FBGallery–>)

    Any ideas? If you think it’s fixable, my client will probably pay the $20 for your specific support, but if you don’t think you have the time to do multisite testing, then they’d probably rather not pay, know what I mean?

    If it normally works as expected on multisite installations, we’ll just wait until the client is ready to update WP to the most recent version to see if that fixes it.

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    It absolutely works on multisite – something else specific to your installation must be going on. My own blog (on which I developed the plugin) is multisite.

    Do you use a default “Home” blog that shows posts from every user? Is that even a normal feature of a multisite installation? It’s that home blog that shows all posts from all users where the plugin breaks.

    I deactivated all plugins except FB Photo Fetcher and switched to the default theme, to no avail.

    The error I get on the “home” blog is “This plugin does not have a valid Facebook access token. Please use your admin panel to login with Facebook.” I assume it’s because of the inability for the home blog to access the plugin options for each of the individual sites. It feels like the basics of how the plugin works may have to be altered in order to fix this issue.

    If you are willing to work on this issue for a “donation”, just tell me how much you think you’d need for the changes, and I’ll pass the figure on to my client. Otherwise I’ll have to make the changes myself (something we’re avoiding for reasons of future updates to the plugin)



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    @stevish – please use the plugin author’s site to discuss paid support – as it’s against the forum guidelines to do that here:

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    I’ve never heard of the concept of a “home” blog. If you mean the main / primary site of a multisite install, again, I’m 100% it works there ( is my primary site, and you can see it working in the sample gallery on the plugin documentation page. is the subblog of the same multisite install).

    So if you post on the store blog (or any other sub blog) does that post appear on the primary site? That’s how it’s set up on ours. If user1 ( writes a post, it appears on his own blog, but also on the blog at Therefore, contains all posts from,, etc.

    Sorry, WPyogi, I didn’t know (Or had forgotten). I’ll refrain in the future

    Plugin Author justin_k


    No, and as far as I know, that’s not how multisite works. The wp_posts table is not shared, so if one blog’s posts are showing up in another blog, it seems to me that you’re doing something very nonstandard…

    Sorry, Justin, you’re right. I guess they have a plugin called “Sitewide Tags” that imports all posts into one central blog. Now I just have to see if I can figure out how to get these plugins to play together nicely. I may yet have to visit your website for more official help with this problem.

    I found a solution! All I needed to do was edit _output_gallery.php and add the following block of code after the FB access token was looked up:

    global $wpdb;
    	if($wpdb->blogid == 1) { //If it's on blog 1, re-grab the correct token manually
    		$access_token = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT <code>option_value</code> FROM <code>wp_{$GLOBALS['current_blog']->blog_id}_options</code> WHERE <code>option_name</code> = '{$fpf_opt_access_token}'");

    Blog id 1 is the one that reposts everything, so if it’s on blog 1, I make sure to grab the correct blog’s access token.

    Thanks for your help in letting me know I was barking up the wrong tree. I never thought that the blog I was working on was that different from other blogs. I appreciate your work on this plugin as well as the free help you’ve offered.

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