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[Resolved] MultiSite

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  • Plugin Author Jesse Petersen


    Plugin Author Jesse Petersen


    I’ve tested this on a multi-site install – is it working for you now? v 2.0.2

    Hi, I’ve successfully installed your plugin on a multi-site install then I set the settings on one of the sites. So far it’s working well. However, I am dealing with more that 60 multi-site installs and each of them have at least 30 sites. Is there a way to set the settings “globally” for each multi-site install so that I won’t have to go to each site’s settings and set it there?

    Thank you.

    +1 – I’m the same a el_roi except I’m dealing with a network of 900 sites so a global enablement option is the only way for me to go.

    Is that possible?

    Both multisite option and possibly consider a wp-config.php constant.
    60×30 sites + 900 sites seem like a donation should be coming your way if you get it right. 😉

    Plugin Author Jesse Petersen


    If I can get the time around my projects, I’ve got some updates planned. For now, this is a hobby plugin, so once my obligations are met, I can devote 8+ hours to things like this.

    I agree with Clifford and I could get you code to do that without updating the plugin for everyone… or I might include instructions (and a different set of variables) for MU situations like yours.

    I’m definitely open to doing this as a WP dev for you if you hit my contact form and we can work out a mini-project price to enable it across the board in each MU install. The form isn’t for support, but for paid projects to customize the plugin or other code to individual situations.


    Plugin Author Jesse Petersen


    An outside party has a vested interest in MU support and has offered funds to help along the way. I’m starting on the updates tomorrow and any other donation to see it through will be helpful in hitting pause on my paying projects.

    Sign me up on the interested parties to help support this development effort, I just submitted your contact form.

    Also interested in a Multisite solution.

    Plugin Author Jesse Petersen


    v.3.0.0 will be released later today with MU support.

    Plugin Author Jesse Petersen


    3.0.0 is released. Documentation is still a little sparse (I’m adding a documentation link in the plugin dashboard – if you don’t see it, download the plugin to local and upload it again via FTP – edits to plugin.php and /includes/settings-page.php and added /includes/documentation.php), so here is the skinny:

    Network (multi-site) Activation
    Version 3.0.0 added full multi-site capabilities. Previously, the plugin needed each site to have the settings page filled out and the enable checkbox checked. Now, for v3.0.0 and above, Network Activate the plugin.

    Add the following 3 lines to wp-config.php (right after the $table_prefix variable is good placement) to fully engage the plugin across the network:

    $slp_redirect = “URL”
    $slp_question = “question”;
    $slp_answer = “answer”;

    Change each variable to customize the redirect URL, question, and answer settings. If one of the variable entries (not the custom “answer” for each) is missing, the plugin will not activate the redirect function. All three are required to be in the file.

    Note: Adding these to wp-config.php will override any and all settings on any site (single or multi-site install both) and put that custom URL and redirect URL in play.

    There is no e-mail URL for the wp-config.php route because (obviously) if you have the ability to put those in place, you also have the ability to change settings or disable it.

    If you remove the wp-config.php variables, then any site that has the settings page filled out and the “enable” checkbox checked will revert to the settings page behavior.

    Lost Password/Logout
    Due to the number of support requests involving the lost password function or logouts (or anything else that happens aside from purely attempting to visit the login page from direct navigation), the URL filter that was in place in v2.1.2 has been removed. While it solved many issues, it created more than it solved.

    To make up for that…

    The redirect function is bypassed if the system recognizes you as being in a logged in session. As of yet, it is not certain how this will behave in 3.6 when a session times out and the pop-up appears, but hopefully nothing will need to be altered.

    Trying out this plugin for the first time (multisite)…

    Example wp-config.php constants:

    //Stealth Login Page
    $slp_redirect = "/slp"; $slp_question = "log"; $slp_answer = "in";
    // network-wide
    // .../wp-login.php?log=in

    It’s great that /wp-admin/ and /wp-login.php both end up at /slp
    The problem is that /wp-login.php?log=in also redirects to /slp

    Is it a bug or is it just me?

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Jesse Petersen


    I haven’t tested with relative URLs – try a static URL and let me know. If no success, hit me on my contact form just for this item and shoot me the real URLs to see if I can determine the issue from the front end.

    I have a multisite install with domain mappings, this only works for logging in my super admin for the network, I tried both http://my_root_domain.com/wp-login.php?q=a and http://custom_mapped_domain.com/wp-login.php?q=a with regular users/administrators, and they both ended up getting redirected to the redirect url.

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