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  1. thensley
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    I'm using WP 3.9, my primary site is http://www.personaldevelopmentfriends.com. I've followed every example to the letter that I can find in trying to multisite with subdomains: anovercominglife.com, escapingyourpast.com & personalhappyness.com. After I edit the proper files on Hostgator (baby plan), the site names appear on my primary WP site, when I go to All Sites under WP admin, they appear nice and neat in a list, themes are activated, etc. But when, for example, I try to click on the individual subdomains Dashboard I get Error 404-Page Not Found, when I click on Visit Site, I get Error 403-Forbidden. Individual permissions are set at 755, I've tried several times with Hostgator Live Support and get no help at all., I'm at a total loss, been trying for several weeks to get them up and running and just can't get there. Any ideas? Thank You - [ redacted, support is not offered via email ]. The latter comes to my phone. Thank You for any help.

  2. subdomains: anovercominglife.com, escapingyourpast.com & personalhappyness.com.

    Those are separate domains (aka Mapped Domains), not subdomains. Subdomains would be this:


    This is an important distinction. :) What's the actual URL you're trying to visit that's a 404? What does the 404 look like? Does it match the design on personaldevelopmentfriends.com OR is it a more generic server error?

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