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  • This is more or less an informative comment. I started a new hosting account at Godaddy, Jan 16, 2013. I have 3 others from over the last 2 years. Since it was a new installation I decided to use WP 3.5. It seems to install ok; however, I created a New Site called “test”. I could not visit my new site. I reinstalled a second time after creating a new database and it to would not access the new site called “Test”. I deleted the WP 3_5 installation and installed 3_4_2. Everything works fine with out any issues. Have a great day.

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  • Directions for a WP 3.5 Multisite Sub-Directory install at GoDaddy
    1. Know that Multisite needs to be able to start from root (html). (Does not have to be primary).
    2. Login to your site
    3. Once in the Control Panel
    4. Go to hosting tab => More pulldown menu => Hosted Domains
    5. Make sure that the domain you are targeting for a multisite install is pointed to root
    6. Go to Files and FTP tab => File Manager
    7. Create the directory (folder) under root for your install. Choose well as this will show up in your URL. Try and make sure it is consistent with the intent of your sites.
    8. Go to hosting tab => More pulldown menu => Applications
    9. Install wordpress.
    9a. Select the domain name
    9b. enter the name of the install directory that was created
    9c. Admin, password etc.
    9d. Put in a short blog name (this can be renamed later with adequate text space
    10. Get a cup of coffee. You will be notified
    11. Follow the GoDaddy directions for the rest of the install.

    I have installed three separate instances to make sure that these are accurate instructions. I can create sites and access sites and sites dashboard.

    Thank you for the update. I am sure you had success. However, at the time I tried it, only the 3_4_2 installation would work. Today, I am running 3_5 via an update.

    Interesting follow up to this is that I have been experiencing very very very slow site access on the administration side of my Multisite WP sites. As discussed above, I have several hosting accounts. Each account has WP Multisite running with 5 to 10 subfolders and domain mapping. I have dedicated IPs for the hosting accounts and paid for many years of hosting in advance. When I could not resolve the slow access issue on my own, I went for support at another well known WP support site for help. One of the first questions they asked, after we exhausted the basic trouble shooting ideas, was how much memory is allocated for each of my sites. I called GoDaddy to find out and the politely explained to me that they do not disclose this information. To make a long story short, the email I received from GoDaddy was that they did not have the resources to support Multisites on their shared hosting. They suggested I find a new host. Unlike many unhappy and angry site builders who leave nasty comments, I like Godaddy and will keep my domain names with them. At least in the end, I received an honest answer.

    Update, I did not receive an honest answer just a convenient one.

    After buying a new computer and upgrading to Windows 7 on the computers I had issues with, I concluded the problem was with Windows XP. The new computer and the upgraded ones work fine and demonstrate that Godaddy has the resources. The same computers with XP restored to a state when I had no issues in the past are still very very slow, see above. Yesterday and today I confronted Godaddy about the extensive (weeks) troubleshooting that I was forced to conduct. Two account managers agreed that there are known issues. In hindsight, Godaddy did not give me an honest answer in the past, only a convenient one. Today they apologized for the inconvenience.

    You can upgrade to their dedicated hosting if you want, but IIRC they do support Multisite on Shared, in a limited fashion.

    I received a quote for having a dedicated hosting and it was well outside my budget for such a small fish like myself. After figuring out that upgrading the OS was all I needed to do I am back up and running. The Multisite works very well no more access issues. I have not had any issues with GoDaddy up to this point, but this one cut pretty deep in the end.

    I can confirm that you can use WordPress Multisite (complete with WPMU Domain Mapping, if desired) on a GoDaddy shared account. I have one client running that setup on a GoDaddy shared account.

    I didn’t start it as a 3.5.1 site (it’s been set up for a little over a year), but it is running 3.5.1 now and it appears to still be working fine.

    @ Curtiss Grymala… How did you do this? I mean I read through the codex and then read through the godaddy instructions for multisites and I am still getting redirect errors when I try to access the new sites. I can only access the primary site not any of the new sites.

    oh yeah I even tried that debug thing godaddy suggests and checked the db tables no luck either.

    and yes this is on godaddy linux shared hosting. This setup worked fine on my dev server….

    Ok looks as if I have to place this in my root. I thought that rule was only for the sub domains setup not the sub directory. Looks like its for both. Heads up for anyone else I guess. Thanks

    You can run WP from a subdirectory with 3.5 and up, but it’s something that should be set up before you turn on Multisite.


    Please explain what you mean “must be in the root”

    Do you mean i can’t have my main site defined as / ?

    Must i have my main site defined as / ?

    @signcarver — You can have your WordPress multisite,, reside in / That is the “root” of the domain.

    In the future I’d suggest starting your own thread rather than adding to a topic that’s almost a year old.

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