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  • Plugin Author phbernard


    I admit I didn’t take Multisite into account. They should definitely be supported.

    I can’t work on this issue right-here-right-now, but I expect to implement this in the next few weeks.

    Also having issues with multisite (same error as WPAddiction above).

    Before hitting the support forum and finding this thread, I went into the “main” site on my multisite and activated the plugin there. it appeared to run fine. it also reports that I have the favicons installed and previews them as you would expect. however, the favicon is not displaying on the site. I also cannot find the actual favicon files, so I’m not sure where they’ve been put… I am logged in as super-admin.

    I hope this helps & look forward to you being able to make it compatible with multisite. Let me know if I can help further (I’ve ticked “notidy me of follow-up posts”) or if I can provide any more information.

    Best wishes

    Plugin Author phbernard


    Thank you for reporting.

    As the plugin was created from a generic template, it provides “some support” for multisite, for example regarding activation. But of course this is not the kind of “support” final users expect. It should just work in a multisite environment.

    I hope the support for multisite will be available by the end of the summer. Of course, I will close this ticket as soon as it is ready!

    Warm Regards,

    Hi Philippe, thanks for the response.

    I’m delighted to report that today’s update (to v1.1.1) resolves the second of the issues I mentioned in my previous post:

    Now when running the plugin from the (sub)site, the favicon does now display as expected (for the “sub”-site).

    I don’t know if my post prompted the fix, but great to see it anyway.

    Excellent plugin, thanks for your work.

    Plugin Author phbernard


    If I had implemented the multi-site, you would be the first one to know 🙂

    Unfortunately, I did nothing special in this area. The latest version does not modify the .htaccess anymore, which must have been a blocking issue for multi-site support. Yet, there may be some other issues lurking. And since I didn’t work on the topic, this is very likely.

    Let this ticket be open for a little more time 🙂



    I will be awaiting your progress reports, too. 🙂

    Plugin Author phbernard


    I finally investigated the multisite support. As you may have noticed, it just doesn’t work with the latest version (1.2.5).

    I prepared a new, multisite-compliant version (1.2.6). My first tests work fine, but I need to perform some other tests. I expected to release this new version early next week.



    Looking forward to it!

    Plugin Author phbernard


    v1.2.6 deployed a minute ago! It supports the multisite.



    Thanks phbernard!

    For multisite mode,

    1) should it be network activated or can it be activated site by site?

    2) does activating it in multisite mode create a Network Dashboard setting panel with options that then apply to the whole network?

    3) does it create new tables in the database?

    4) will each subsite on the network have its own set of favicons?

    5) if each subsite on the network does have its own set of favicons then does the <head> code need to be pasted into each subsite separately? I am trying to understand if the code can be pasted GLOBALLY in one location so that it applies to all subsites on the network, but each subsite still display individual icons specific to each subsite.

    Just trying to understand what to expect when I activate it on a network of 70 sites.


    Plugin Author phbernard


    You’re welcome! I hope it fits your needs:

    1) Your choice. It can be activated once for all (eg. from /wp-admin/network/plugins.php) or one by one (eg. from /some_blog/wp-admin/plugins.php).

    2) No. Even if you activate the plugin at the network level, the settings panel (under Settings > Favicon) appears site by site. Same remark for Appearance > Favicon.

    3) No. The plugin does nothing with database.

    4) Yes. One site, one favicon. Which is good news if you want to define a favicon on a per-site basis, and bad news if you wanted to create a single, global favicon.

    5) I’m not sure to get what you mean by “code need to be pasted”. The plugin does this for your automatically (multisite or not). As soon as you generate the favicon and you are back to Appearance > Favicon with the favicon preview and all, your job is over. In multisite, the plugin injects the HTML code on a per-site basis, but you shouldn’t really think about this. This is an implementation detail.

    As an aside: multisite or not, the HTML code is injected dynamically. Therefore, none of your WordPress file is modified. As soon as the plugin is deactivated, the code disappears. Much safer than a hard change!



    Thanks phbernard!

    This sounds great!

    As for #5, I was looking at the generator website indicating code needed to be added to the site as I had not yet activated the plugin. It is great that the plugin deals with that.

    Where are the favicon files stored? What path?
    Will changing themes after they are installed cause any issue?

    Last question:
    Do you have any feedback or experience about how your plugin coexists with the WPTouch mobile plugin?

    Since WPTouch presents all mobile users with a dedicated mobile theme and it has option settings to upload some mobile icons, is that a duplication of the functions of your plugin?

    I am wondering if a site using WPTouch, would have a benefit (or conflict) using Favicon at the same time?

    Thanks for a wonderful TIME SAVING plugin! I also really enjoyed learning about all the different aspects of favicons that you discuss on the generator website. VERY HELPFUL AND INFORMATIVE!

    Plugin Author phbernard


    Oh, ok. So you can forget about this manually code thing!

    Files are stored in a dedicated directory, /wp-content/uploads/fbrfg/. Again, the idea is to be as less intrusive as possible, so plugin removal doesn’t sound like a dangerous operation.

    No issue with theme switch. You can configure the favicon, then change the theme. No need to come back to FbRFG again.

    However, certain “big” themes with a lot of aside features can cause conflicts. That was the case with Genesis themes and this issue was fixed a few months ago.

    I’ve checked WPTouch. Unfortunately, this plugin will cause conflicts with FbRFG. Some icons are declared twice. Looking at the code, I don’t think there is any way for FbRFG to fix this. Plus, as I observed WPTouch comes with a default icon and I didn’t see anything in the dashboard to remove it.

    So I posted this to the WPTouch support:


    I’m the author of the “Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator” WordPress plugin. I think this is now the most popular “favicon” WP plugin with more than 500 downloads per day.

    I realized WPTouch handles its own favicon and injects its own markups in the HTML code. As a WP developer, I was looking for a way to deactivate the WPTouch icon programmatically, so FbRFG users can install their favicon safely while using WPTouch. Unfortunately, I don’t think WPTouch allows this right now.

    Can we talk about this topic?


    Let’s see if they answer.



    Thanks Philipe!

    With my limited understanding, it seems that your plugin provides even more icon options than WPTouch, so it will be interesting to see if there is a solution where both can coexist.



    Hi Philippe – thanks for the update. All appears to be working marvellously well on my multisite.

    Your work is gratefully received!

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