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    I just installed WP Multisites. (I had to change it from subdomain mode to subdirectory mode, since my provider won't give me the wildcard.)

    I created three subblogs and everything seems fine up to the fact that they don't appear at the my sites section. Neither in the drop-down menue nor on the my-sites list. They do appear on the "all sites"-list accessed by the sidebar. On that list my mainblog is referred to as "/". On the multisite-dashboard it sais that I have 0 sites and 0 users. That's not true since I created those blogs and also about 10 users. Well, most of them were created before I installed the Multisite but even if I create a new user now it stays the same.

    What is going wrong? Can you help me?

  2. Do the users show up on your main site? domain.com/wp-admin/users.php ?

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