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  1. blaue
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I've tried to avoid posting a question here due my coding inequities but I'm at a stopping point now. I've installed the October Special theme by Derek Punsalan as my base. From there I've heavily customized the look of it with great success.

    But the theme has no pagination for home.php and the theme uses multiple loops which have caused every one of my attempts to add next/previous to end disaster.

    I have no idea why this happens or how to fix it. I don't understand the mechanics of how http://www.myblog.com/page/3 works in wordpress so I can't start track down the problem. And now (as of 3-4 days ago) all of my pages (as opposed to posts) are inaccessible, just disappeared. I think these two issues are related but I'm not sure.

    It see my follies go to http://www.platformdesign.org

    Anything in the right direction would be helpful.

    Help!? and Thanks

    FYI: I'm using FLV Embed, Sociable, Photopress, Lightbox and G Analyticator

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