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  • Dear WordPress Pro’s,

    I would like to ask how I can get to make the wp_list_pages give the current page the “current_page_item” class when it’s requested twice.

    I have a menu in the header section of the site but also in the Sidebar.
    Now In the first wp_list_pages request it is actually highlighted because of the class current_page_item. But when I wp_list_pages it again it doesn’t give a current page class…


    Rick Lamers

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  • can this be seen somewhere?
    without a link, there is not much to comment on this issue.

    did you check the html code in the browser to see if there are no ‘current_page_item’ classes with the second page list? << Here’s the link.

    I did check for the class but it’s not there…

    i think it is not a failure of the wp_list_pages() –

    there is probably a custom query in the main bit of the page, that is changing the querystring.

    try to add a ‘wp_reset_query();’ before you get the sidebar.

    How do you know stuff like this!? 😛

    It’s crazy you fixed it!

    Thank you, very very much.

    you are welcome.

    ‘wp_reset_query();’ is a little known panacea (cure-all) for many problems after custom queries.

    Ill keep that in mind 😉 Are you a developer for WordPress or..?

    let us say, i do like problem solving; and i always liked logic and programming.
    if i am getting too bored, i do sodukos.

    and, yes, i do some theme programming as well.

    Haha ok cool, Im getting more and more familiar with programming PHP and jQuery and I pretty much master HTML/CSS which isn’t that hard .. 😛

    You have a portfolio? Since you’r more advanced then I am I could maybe learn some things 🙂

    Thanks for the tips !

    alchymyth, I love you. Brilliant. This has been plaguing me for months, because I couldn’t find the answers. Turns out I was asking the wrong questions. 😀

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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