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    I’ve been searching the internet & wordpress forums for several weeks now & cannot find the answer to my specific question; most info I’ve found in the forums is a year or older before release of 3.2.1

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  • Dog gone it I hit return before I completed my question.

    I’ve found that I need to use several different themes to achieve the site I want. I am in the process of installling them all now in several folders under the same domain name.

    The issue is – I want to use one database for all the installs so that anyone needing to login to comments will then be logged in for all theme installs and not have to login to each separate area (theme) when moving throughout the site.

    If you have the answer please talk to me like you would a first grader LOL – I am new to wordpress so your patience & plain language will be greatly appreciated 🙂

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    WordPress mutlisite is, exactly, 1 database for multiple sites, with 1 user base.

    Once you’re logged in, you are a psudeo-subcriber to all sites (i.e. you will never have to log in to another site to leave a comment – Logged in to one is logged in to all).

    Thank you Ipstenu 🙂 – I had read in the multisite/network codex that shared servers were not recommended. I am hosted on godaddy on shared server with my own dedicated IP address – will this still work, and, is it easier than it sounds to setup? Will it pull all info needed with main WP site set up in root directory (no f

    Does a blog.dir folder need to be set up for each WP install including one in root?

    How do I find out what the CHMOD is for each wp-content directory?
    I currently do not show any WP .htaccess files in the root or in the current WP folders wp-admin/wp-content/wp-includes? (with the exception I added an htaccess/htpasswd to root today to password protect site while under development).

    In reading this sounds very complex any “simplistic” insight you can provide is gratefully appreciated 🙂

    I am but a slave to one labor . . .
    Breathe Possibility
    Linda Lou

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    it’s … well it’s not easy, but it’s not that hard either. I don’t know if it’ll work on GoDaddy shared, but I believe so.

    You make ONE folder called blogs.dir and WP will handle the rest of it. Similarly, there’s only ONE wp-content folder.

    it’s just one install of WP, add a new folder, have a different .htaccess, and the rest works.

    Ok, so where do I make the one folder called blogs.dir? and, where to I install the multiple themes I need to use? and, LOL can you please expand on the “well it’s not easy, but it’s not that hard either”? If you can help me understand the simplicity of it step by step (as if I’m a first grader) that would be awesome. Every instruction I come across (written by persons who are blessed with being a wordpress guru) writes instruction as though everyone reading it should just automatically know what they mean which unfortunately can inhibit understanding to a new WP newbie like myself – btw 96′ – 2006′ I developed using html so everything with WP is like being told to go to France in 2 hours without knowing the language yet to be expected to communicate rationally 🙂

    Linda Lou

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    I find it easy, but that’s in part because I’m very familiar with WordPress.

    As for blogs.dir, read the doc you linked to. Yeah, it’s a LOT of info, but you read it, and follow the steps, and it WILL make sense.

    Learn by doing 🙂

    (Themes go where they go in normal WordPress – In your wp-content/themes folder)

    Thank you, I will do as you say and spend the rest of the day and tomorrow reading this – I admit I’m a bit afraid that I may mess something up, I’ve done so much work on this already I’m fearful of loosing it . . . Stay Tuned LOL

    Hi Ipstenu

    I want to run a domain and sub-domain using separate themes but sharing the same data. I.e not just the same database but the same tables.

    Many ask why one would do this. In my case, it’s quite simple really. I have a subdomain which will be protected and only visible to admins, and will operate as my CRM. In other words, public users get to see certain elements of my data in their template files, and the ‘managers’ get to see (other meta of) the same data represented as reports using different templates. I can therefore use WP’s built in template hierarchy and have 2x single-$posstype.php, one for each theme/subdomain.

    I’ve done a fair amount of reading and have only found 2 viable options for doing this.
    1. Install two instances of WordPress and alter the second one’s config to point to the original tables (i.e. both use wp_$tables), except for the $options table which needs to be separate;
    2. Use WordPress Multisite, install the second theme but add the code (perhaps in the header?) to switch_the_blog(), to use database from blog_1.

    Is there a better way to achieve what I’m trying to do?

    Otherwise, which of these do you recommend?

    Thanks very much.

    Oh, and the CRM doesn’t necessarily have to be on a separate domain. If I could find a way of having 2x single-$posttype.php, or archive-$posttype.php, on a single domain.
    Creating custom page templates and creating cpts as ‘pages’, then selecting the custom templates seems limited and tedious, plus my users would have to know which templates to select (just another step I’d rather avoid).

    Thanks again.

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    Ynnis – This post is 5 months old, we reeeeeeeally like you to make your own.

    And your question is totally different. Please make your own topic.

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