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  • I am using two installation of WP 2.0 within a website (to create multiple blogs), but my search function is limited to a particular installation. Is there a way I can change the search url to include both WP installs/blogs? Thanks.

    For example- I should be able to search blog 1 and blog2 from either (URL 1) or (URL 2)

    Blog 1 and Blog 2 are two separate installations of WP in

    something like
    a href=”<?php bloginfo(‘url1’ + ‘url2’); ?>/”

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  • unless both are using the same database, I don’t think you can use the WP search for both. You may want to look at incorporating a google search box, as you could do (unless you have other info on your domain that you wouldn’t want returned)

    Two WP install on the same database- I am guessing it is on the same database but the table prefix is different for each blog.

    Can I install two WP with the same database and table prefix? Is it possible?

    If so, how do make the changes to the existing blog 1 & blog 2 configuration such that they are both searchable? Thanks.

    why two blogs? have you thought of using two main categories to seperate things? you could even use different templates for different categories, whilst the different category-lists in sidebars (or nav menus) just show the subcategories that would represent what normally is done with the upper categories.

    this is just an idea and i’m not sure how you would like to display search results for two different blogs on one and the same results-page for example?

    good luck.

    i would recommend you to this product:

    Thanks erik & Sushubh for your suggestions.

    I am trying to keep two topics separated – say for example: product review in page 1 (or blog 1), and editorials in page 2 (or blog 2), hence two blogs.

    If I make two categories (as suggested by erik) and call it “Reviews” & “Editorials”, and start posting accordingly, how do I ensure the posts are published in two separate pages on my website?

    well you can call posts from a specific pages on a particular category… if that works for you… or perhaps just point the readers to the category pages of your single blog from the main page… 🙂

    That might work, it will simplify the process of searching at least.

    I need some more help, this might be the wrong category to post it under, but is there a way you could limit the length of the post (say to 500 words) automatically (without using the excerpt option).


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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