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  1. anitahummer
    Posted 5 years ago #

    hi everyone i have apache set up using name based virtual hosts in apache.
    each site has its on folder in /var/www/html/ eash site also has its own mysql username password and db. the directories are set up as follows /var/www/html/domain1/wordpress domain2/wordpress domain3/wordpress

    dns is pointed correctly i tested before i started the installs. i got the first site set up. then i went onto the second and set it up. and for some reason i keep getting redirected to the first site. each virtual host has its specified directory listed in each virtual host entry. what am i missing?

  2. anitahummer
    Posted 5 years ago #

    i made a few changes to virtual hosts in httpd.conf now its just directing me to the apache test page for all sites. wheeee,.... atleast when i run httpd -t it states Syntax OK.

    if i change httpd.conf back to the way it was i will get the first site in virtual hosts to show up but not the rest they all redirect to the first virtual host. and if i run httpd -t it will shows me that my virtual hosts overlap. but i will atleast get the first virtual site to show up. going to poke around in httpd.conf a bit more.

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