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  • I am using WordPress as a CMS and trying to install a second copy of WordPress in a subfolder that uses different templates, plugins, etc. The installation goes fine, but I seem to be getting a permalink collision when a page in the sub-site has the same name as a page in the main installation.

    Example: (exists) (exists, but redirects to main about page when I try to visit it)

    Is what I am trying even possible, and does my explanation of the problem make sense?


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  • It seems to me that the links to your pages in your header are not generated by wordpress, but hardcoded directly in html.

    Example from your site :
    <a href="/about">about</a>

    So, it’s not really a “permalink collision”…

    But anyway, theses link are not the problem… Even if I type :
    It redirect to your about page of your root installation.

    My first step would be to look at your .htaccess in both installation. The problem should be there.


    Hi Simon,
    Thanks for the response. Sorry for not being more clear, but I was not talking about my personal site linked from my profile.

    I think you are right, .htaccess must have something to do with it. If the .htaccess from the main folder told WordPress to ignore any urls that match “”, then the WordPress installation in that subfolder would take over, yeah? I’ve always been a bit clumsy with .htaccess, I will try to figure it out.



    Hey daltonrooney..
    Im facing exactly the same problem. We’d need to make new rewrite rules in the htaccess in the root.. One exclusive to teh subdir installation and add it before the extant rewrite rules ..
    Can it be set to parse htaccess of each directory first before reading teh root’s htaccess ? I guess that should do the trick too

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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