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    I give WordPress-Worshops. For every participant, i have to setup a single wordpress enviroment. i lookig for a quick way to setup maybe 10 wordpress installations on my hoster with a script oder something.

    – i have found the wp quick install script, but this is to setup only „one“ site at once
    – wordpress multisite is also no option in my eyes, because i want to show them how to administrate plugins themes etc…

    anybody have an idea how i can setup multi wordpress installations with names and admin-users like user1, user2, user3 etc.

    thanks! Jonas

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    after more thinking can someone please confirm if this is a option?

    I create one database

    i download the wordpress zip folder an extract it in per example 10 times in the folders
    – wordpress1
    – wordpress2
    – wordpress3

    after that, i upload everthing to my host and lets say, the site is reacheble under:

    now i have to run the wordpress setup 10 times but with the same db-credentials but differen table prefix.

    would that work?
    what do you think is the maximum amount of wordpress installations in the same database?

    other ideas still welcome 🙂


    Have you heard of the WordPress Command Line Interface (or WP-CLI, as it’s officially called)?

    For beginner courses, I instantly set up multiple, completely customized WordPress installations with a single bash script. Really works like a charm.

    As I wrote, I would have enjoyed helping you with details in the German support forum, but we try to keep the forum there accessible to all users who don’t know English. Feel free to repeat your question in German any time.

    Thread Starter Jonas Aeschlimann


    allright thanks a lot, than i will switch to german!



    I think he means that you should ask your questions at:

    Support Forums

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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