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  1. horse297
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am new to wordpress. I just had a new project designed using wordpress. What I want to do now is set up a second website and import the files from the first into the second.

    Do I set up a completely new wp account so the 2 sites cannot be confused?

    The websites are hosted at godaddy.


  2. AnnieSisk
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Do you mean wordpress forum accounts? Do you mean wordpress.com accounts? Or do you mean the account you use to manage the site through the WP dashboard?

    If the former - no, but you could if you wanted to.

    If the second - probably the same answer, unless I'm missing something.

    If the latter - each website will have its own account structure - it's like saying "do I need a new mailing address for my summer beach home?" It just comes with the territory.

    Unless I'm not understanding the question accurately, in which case please feel free to provide some more info. Happy to help further if I can!


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