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    Hi and thank you for the gr8 plugin (video.js) for non=programmers like me. Just need guidance and help (in lay-person’s terms plz)

    1) I am working on a wordpress site with video.js to host multiple videos.
    2) I have made a page and have added around 20 videos using the code.
    3) Looks great – works great
    As soon as I arrive at the page, all the videos start downloading/loading/rendering in the background. This chokes my playback in firefox specially.
    Other browsers do catch up after buffering a little, but firefox stutters and chokes really bad.

    Is there a way I can manage this better? Like some code that only plays or brings the video when I click on the particular poster image?

    I do want to stay on the same page though… so not link to a separate page.

    Thanks once again and please… I am not a programmer… so if you give me simple instructions of what to do.. where and how to do it… much appreciated.


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  • And yes.. if this helps you help me better:

    My test page is

    and on that page my code for 20 odd clips is like:

    [video mp4="" poster="" autoplay="false" preload="none" width="712" height="400" id="1"]

    [video mp4="" poster="" autoplay="false" preload="none" width="712" height="400" id="2"]

    … and so on.
    So basically I am calling for multiple players on same page. So please help me…

    thanks again

    Plugin Author Dustin Lammiman


    Using preload=”none” should prevent the videos from loading until the user presses play. Until then it should just show the poster image. The test page doesn’t seem to be using video.js?

    Thanks for the response, Dustin. Ok.. thats what I thought… but firefox really chokes bad. Then I am thinking on a different logic here… what if I throw in webm files…. that way, it won’t have to resort to flash fallback… and might not hog up the resources… Am I thinking right?

    And yes.. it is very much video.js. Thats what I have under “portfolio” page… and also 1 clip under “About us” section.

    Thanks again Dustin.
    Pardon my ignorance in this programming world please loll..

    Oh I hope you are NOT looking at “”
    That is the old site which is live as of now….

    I am working on the sub-domain…

    Thanks again.

    Yes! Yes!
    It worked!
    Ok here’s the deal…. and if this helps anyone as ignorant as me and in a situation like me:
    1) Firstly… video.js rocks! It really works gr8! So, Ty!
    2) I was feeding only mp4s and they were showing up on all the browsers out there… HOWEVER….firefox was choking real bad!
    (Cuz the fallback was flash by default for firefox)…
    3) Having said that…. flash is a resource hog when it comes to larger file resolutions (712×400 in my case).
    4) I fed my page with webm files along with mp4s…. and voila! It works like a charm!!!
    5) Last but not the least… I had tried webm earlier… but I was using mirovideo convertor. That was NOT outputting the right kind of webm files!
    6) This is what works.. and I suggest you all do this:
    Open firefox… add an “add on” called firefogg”.. and use that to convert your source QTs to webm’s! Thats it!

    So guys… the issue has been ressolved! This plugin works great! Avoid falling back to flash… it is dated technology. Give it webM …and you are good!

    Thanks again Dustin.. cheers!

    Plugin Author Dustin Lammiman


    Glad to hear you got it working. Using webm definitely makes sense for fixing the Firefox issue. The preload attribute sets an HTML5 option, so it wouldn’t make a difference for Flash. I’m glad you posted the full solution for the problem so others can see how to solve it if they run into something similar.

    Also, glad to hear you like the plugin. Keep in mind that I maintain the plugin, but not video.js itself. You can thank Steve at Zencoder for that!

    I see video.js on your site now, not sure why I wasn’t before.

    Thanks Dustin…. and Steve for the great plugin that non-programmers like me can use.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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