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  • how many users can be logged into a WP admin area simultaneously?

    I appreciate in advance if anyone knows of any limitations.

    Sassinack. Did you ever get the answer to the above question, “Does WP support multiple uses logged in simultaneously?” I now have the same question. I want to have two users working simultaneously, both with Administrator roles.


    @hotdog WordPress is optimized for using multiple users at the same time.

    Yeah, it can handle multiple users just fine. I feel that there might be more to your question though. What are you worried about in particular?

    Rev. Voodoo. I want for both my girlfriend and I to be able to work and make changes to our blog at the same time, but from different computers (me at home and her at work). I just thought it could sort of “trip” on itself if she makes a change and I am making changes remotely at the same time. In retrospect, I could have assumed that WP could handle this, but one never knows.

    And, how do I respond directly to, for example, Rev.Voodoo’s post to me. There is no “reply” link in/around each individual user’s comments.

    I believe right now, wordpress gives you a warning if you attempt to edit the same post that someone else is working on. You wouldn’t both want to edit that post at the same time of course.

    If I’m not mistaken, that is a pert of WP that is presently being enhanced for a future release

    @rev I thought that WordPress released an update that solved the “Joe is currently editing your post” message. Basically, you will know exactly when someone is editing the post you’re working on. There won’t be any time lag.

    @hotdog WordPress handles this well. What happens is that if your girlfriend is editing a post, you will get a message. That way, you know to not edit it at that moment.

    @shaan – that might be the case… I know work was being done to that effect. I believe 3.6 will be improving on the behaviour as well…

    Hopefully 3.6 will. WP would get quite a user boost if enhanced for multiple authors.

    If I’m reading correctly, the heartbeat API is the start

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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