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    When i register using Membership registration form, i have noticed that multiple users are created with same details but different user id.

    Now suppose i delete a user using wordpress all users link, now the user disappers from all users screen, but still exists in WordPress as i can still log in with same user and i can edit the profile as admin by replacing the id value with users id value of user-edit.php?user_id=88895

    Please help..??

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  • I did a bit more research,

    1. Users being deleted above were deleted from site dashboard but were available on network dashboard hence login was successful. After i deleted the users from network dashboard, then login failed.
    2. Buddypress is not active on my site, but it is a WordPress multisite.
    So i found that if i delete case 'validatepage1bp': from membershippublic.php, then multiple users were not being created, may be you can check if some thing is wrong here..??

    Thanks for your awesome plugin, It’s a great help.


    Moreover i found some issues with Move subscription as well,
    This happened when i had same access level but different subscription and i moved from one subscription to another which showed successful but didn’t work,


    Hello there @deepakseth,
    When a user is created on a site that belongs to a multisite installation, the user is created on the multisite installation and then they are assigned user rights on the particular site.
    If you delete a user from a site, you are simply deleting the association of of this user with the particular site. But in order to complete remove the user, you’d have to delete the user from your network-admin. That’s simply normal WordPress behavior.
    Does that help?


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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