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  • Anyone with experience creating multiple point types? Would love to see experience points which always go up and adjust your point ranking then every 20 exp points, you get an 5 influence points which you can gift on or trade for page access and services.. I’m No php pro, but if you have a path for me to follow.. It’d be helpful and a useful tip to have in these archives..

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  • Gabriel


    I do not think CubePoints was built with this feature in mind.

    One way to achieve this would be for you to clone CubePoints and rename all functions, settings, DB table etc to ie. cp2_ or ep_ and then call this “Experience Points” instead of CubePoints. Technically you could do this as often as you want as long as you keep things clean and consistent. You could then “connect” these plugins though their hooks.

    So for example you could have:

    CubePoints (original plugin) giving normal points
    SpecialPoints (adjusted CubePoints plugin) giving special points when x number of normal points exists

    Cool! Thanks gabriel, i will start researching and playing with this..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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