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  • jacecar


    I’m new to WordPress, but I seem to have picked up the basics fairly easily. One of the things that I find more difficult is the linking of my site to networking sites that cross-post information from my blog (as source) to the receiver sites.

    I know I have the fundamentals figured out, because when I create a post, it uses a URL shortener (on my site), then auto-tweets the result. It also connects to Links Alpha for the 5 free connections, and then an optional single-click link to Facebook.

    The problem I’m having is that sometimes my tweets are showing up multiple times from different sources… first from me, using my url shortener, and then from another source. I can’t seem to locate where the extra ones are coming from, so I can trim them down.

    Worse yet (potentially) is that I’m only seeing dupes in twitter, but they could be occurring in many other places — which will eventually get my site blacklisted for spam.

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  • jacecar


    I know I have done too much, but I don’t want to kill everything in networking as it took a lot of research and effort to get parts of it working.

    I have a Twitter registered app, with its API
    I have a Facebook registered app, with its API
    I am connected to Links Alpha
    – LA connects to Facebook profile (inactive)
    – LA connects to Facebook application (inactive)
    – LA connects to LinkedIn
    – LA connects to MySpace
    – LA connects to FourSquare
    – LA connects to Status.Net
    – LA connects to WordPress.COM (OpenID)
    I am connected to DISQUS comments
    – these guys connect to everything
    I *was* connected to IntenseDebate

    How do I track down a dupe creating connection? How do I know what is a good balance to have, so that I just leave it alone and can focus on blog posts?

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