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    I am looking to switch hosts, and the plan I am looking at only includes 1 database. Currently I have several. So I know I can do that using the table prefixes, but what I am wondering is how to transition everything over. Can I alter the table prefixes now by just changing them or will that screw something up, and is that even possible in phpmyadmin? If not, then how can I get my 2 separate blogs into one database without them getting mixed up?

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  • If the $table_prefix is different in each database then you should have no problem, but assuming they are the same, couldn’t you do a backup with phpMyAdmin then do a search and replace and replace the old table prefix, with the new table prefix.

    Example replace all ‘wp_’ with ‘wpnew_’

    Other idea, use the Export ability from blog 1, then install new blog 1 in the old database, with a different table prefix, Import the data, test everything, then just backup the database and restore into the combined database.

    You can change all instances of your table prefix so that each has different ones for sure. Then just change to that prefix and your new database info in each respective config.php. I like the second solution though of making a new install for each blog with a different prefix and then importing the content using the import/export function. Makes life the most simple.


    I would look for host that allows more databases. The above hints should work fine if you’re stuck with a lame host, If you thinking of moving, why move to a lame host? Often their Mysql is too old or their php is out of date. For certain their business practices are out of date. My 2 cents.

    Thanks everyone! I will give it all a try.

    ccoupe, I don’t think they are a lame host, I’ve used them before and had no issues at all. The plan I am moving to is a pretty cheap limited time special. Everything else about it is good (for me), just the one database is the only bad part, but since it is possible to live with it, I can deal with it and get a year of hosting free.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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