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  • Hi,
    I’m currently working on a plugin for wordpress, where I need more than one tinymce editor with all wp-functions like media-upload etc. The data will be stored into a custom table.
    For generating the editors I use this:

    wp_tiny_mce(false, array("editor_selector" => "class_textarea"));
    foreach($text as $textareas)
    echo '<textarea class="class_textarea" id="'.$textareas.'"></textarea>';

    The id of the textarea is unique, the editor shows up with th regular advanced options except the media-uploads and the Visual/HTML tabs. Also, when I try to save it, all html-markup is gone. I don’t have a glue where I did something wrong. Maybe some could help me out?

    Thanx in Advance!

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  • This could be caused if a filter is not returning the content.

    Content can also go invisible, it is a stange issue. Actually it goes white, something to do with styling I think. That happens in custom uses of the wysiwyg editor on plugins.

    Easy CSV Importer uses the editor on its own page. I’m the plugin author. However right now I’m trying to improve it and no one seems to have a clue how to really get the editor on another page without issues.

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