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[Resolved] Multiple thumbnail sizes

  • My primary use of WPPA+ is to show thumbnails (not slideshows). I create WP pages (not posts), then populate each page with thumbnails from albums. Sometimes showing the thumbnails from more that 1 album on a page. There are cases when a page needs thumbnails that are a different size that the global size set in the WPPA+ controls (usually bigger than normal). Is there some code that will allow me to override the global thumbnail size for a specific album or for a specific page? Whether by album or by page makes no difference, I would be happy with either solution.

    Kelly Cook


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  • Alternate thumbnail size ( one possibility ) on a per album basis has been added to the wishlist for a future release.

    Ok. Thanks for giving this consideration. Just to make it more complicated, the “large” size could be set as a percentage of the browser window size? But even a fixed pixel alternate size would be very useful to me.


    “large” size could be set as a percentage of the browser window size?

    This we have with fullsize single images ( a size less than 100 is interpreted as a percentage in: [wppa …. size=”33″][/wppa] or %%wppa%% …. %%size=33%% )

    It will be a fixed pixel alternative thumbnailsize.

    Ok. And good to know about that <100 rule!!!

    Its your locky day.
    Have a preview here. Scroll down to the albumlist and see the difference in thumbnailsize of the last album ( Bogolyubov ). This will be released in a few days.

    Coming that soon! Only 1 alternate size? Can the exact size be arbitrary, or is it linked somehow to the base thumbnail size?


    Yes one ( for the time being ) You can configure size, frame-width and frame-height like the standard thumbsize. (Table I-C1,3,4).


    I have good news and bad news:

    The good news is that the Alt Height seems to work exactly as expected.

    The bad news is that the Alt Width seems to be applied to the original image prior to the downsizing to generate the thumbnail. Of course this results in the thumbnail being cropped, for width only.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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