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  • I am a real newbie with WordPress. I just wanted to know if you can have different themes within the same site?

    I’m really looking forward to building my site.


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  • I’m really not sure what you mean by displaying multiple themes within one website.

    It is possible to download new themes. However, only one theme can be activated at a time.

    Good luck with your site!

    What I mean is can all the pages in the website have different themes? i.e. Hm page has a them but the contact pages has a different theme.

    I guess you would have to turn on the new theme, while turning off the old theme,

    By default WordPress cannot have different themes for different pages.

    I read in WordPress for Dummies that the way to accomplish the different looks is to use static pages. What do you think?

    Being new to Worpress, Dummies seems to be a pretty good book for the novice.

    While you cannot activate more than one theme at a time – It is possible to have a different look for every static page of your site – you accomplish this by creating page templates for your static pages – then style that particular template using CSS/graphics, etc. (making sure you assign the template to it’s page in the WP admin panel – find that option to configure this in the Page Template drop down under Manage / Pages – then click ‘edit’ for the page you want to assign the template too – – you’ll find the “Page Template” dropdown menu there.)

    You can set completely different looks/layouts on each page if you wanted to.. all within the same theme, using the same stylesheet, etc.

    I believe the book explains the use of static page templates in Chapter 16 😉

    i spose you could modify your theme – or the theme – in such a way, that if it is a page, or if it is a single, or if it is a … whatever…, it uses a different div tag. you can then style that div tag, or the tags, accordingly.

    but for a individual post – not toooo sure


    I am very new to the wordpress and not experienced in creating a website. I need to create a website for the middle school. Can someone help me with that?

    You can have different themes I have it activated now you have to download the themed-categories plugin search it, works for me so far 🙂 let me know how it goes

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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